Wa. . .Wa. . .

wachusett night skiWachusett, Wachusett Mountain, mountain skiing minutes away.  I know you’re singing that song in your head right now thinking about that one last ski trip of the season.  I’m going to tell you to just do it, pack up for a last-minute day or night trip and enjoy.  Why not?

Only about an hour drive from Boston (1 1/2 hrs. from my house) Wachusett made for the perfect day trip for my kids and I yesterday. Just past Worcester it was an easy drive up 495.  Lucky for us they had a half day at school, it was a Friday, and St. Patrick’s Day. We were on the slopes by 2pm.  The night before I purchased tickets online for a 1/2 day super ticket for each of us.  The super ticket meant that we could ski from the time we got there until 10pm if we wanted to (we only made it to 8pm). Buying tickets online is definitely the way to go. The total cost was $83.00 for the three of us.  If you have AAA you can save a few dollars with a coupon code.

I really don’t have anything bad to say about our experience.  Wachusett, although a smaller mountain in comparison to many New England ski mountains, had plenty of trails for my 8 & 10 year old, and also my 5 & 7 year old nieces that were with us. They were completely comfortable skiing every trail.  The kids enjoyed a waffle from the waffle cabin shortly after we got there and they were psyched.


The conditions were great since they had over a foot of snow drop during the middle of the week.  One of the great things about Wachusett that makes it stand out from other mountains is that they have great night skiing.  Most mountains that offer night skiing only offer a few lighted trails after the sun goes down.  Wachusett on the other hand has 18 trails open for night skiing.   Also, many other mountains close down in-between their day and night ski hours but not at Wachusett.  They remain open and only close the trails that they are grooming one at a time.  They groomed many of the trails for the night skiing and that made for some smooth skiing after dark.

We stopped in the lodge a few times to grab food and drinks.  I was very impressed with the cafe food court, it was clean and not only had the usual ski lodge fare of burgers and chili but they offered lots of healthy options too. They even that sushi that looked amazing.  Although we didn’t  stop in to the Coppertop Lounge, it was packed for St. Patrick’s day and looked like a blast.  The fireplace was blazing all day long to warm up those cold hands and feet.


When you go, you must hit the Bullock Lodge Cider House as well.  It is an adorable little stone hut that dates back to 1930.  It’s run by the local Red Apple Farm.  The cider donuts and warm apple cider were a perfect snack to keep the kids going.

I would have to say we will definitely go back, especially for the night skiing.  I can’t wait until the kids are older and can hang a bit more at night but I’m not sure my legs would have made it past 8pm anyway.  Let me know if you end up at Wachusett Mountain!

Enjoy these last snowy days.