The art of being a little bit good at a lot of things.

As I sat down to finally write about all of the fun stuff we’ve already done in the first few days of summer, or maybe all the fun things that we plan on doing, I came to a conclusion.  I am good at being part-time at things.  I’ve never really been good at the all- or-nothing approach.  I’m better at being ok at something and not great at it, better at  not putting to much time into one thing, because being ok at something actually makes me happier and it’s way less pressure.

I really wanted to be a great blogger, and I had ideas of writing at least once a week but that hasn’t happened and probably never will.  Sometimes I might write two or three times a week and then not write again for a month or two, who knows, but life gets in the way and I’d rather do other stuff and have other priorities at different times.

I really love running, but I’ll never run a marathon.  I used to go out for a run thinking I needed to run fast and be competitive but I actually prefer running at a slower pace and only three miles because honestly it’s comfortable and I enjoy it.  I’m much better suited for a part-time job too.  Enough to get me out of the house, using my brain and doing something that brings me satisfaction but not so much that I feel overwhelmed.  I’m also better at being a part introvert, part extrovert.  Sometimes I really want to be social and go out, but I know that if I over do it I get sick and run down so I need to balance the dinners and drinks with being tucked in bed at eight o’clock. Balance for me is being a little bit good at a lot of things.  Taking my rocks and making sure none of them is too big or my statue might fall.

So take it or leave it, I’m a part time blogger.  I’ll do it when I have time.  I will definitely be writing about some pretty fun adventures and things to do in New England this summer, I just don’t exactly know when.

What type of personality are you?  All or nothing, go big or go home, or are you a part-timer? It takes all kinds.

Enjoy the beginning of summer.  I can’t wait to see what’s in store.