Tiny habits

New Years Resolutions, most people make them, myself included. Drink more water, go to the gym, get off social media, be more present, get more sleep, save money etc. . . I was thinking about how I make those resolutions and by mid year I don’t even remember what they were. Why was that I wondered? I came up with the conclusion that I don’t stick to my resolutions because they are not specific enough. This year I’ve trimmed down the list to things I think I can actually manage and I’ve added- When? Where? and How? Basically I realized that in order to stick to those resolutions I must create a habit of it.

One habit that I’m working on creating is stretching. I’ve been a runner all of my life and I’ve never made stretching a priority. Even after numerous injuries I still go to bed thinking, “Crap, I forgot to stretch again, I’ll do it tomorrow.” Why is something so simple, so hard? Habit! I need to make a habit of it. I wrote down Stretching  When : 6:50-7:00am (in between my oldest getting on the bus and my youngest waking up) Where: in the living room   What:  I wrote down 10 different stretches. Bam!! I think I really can do this. I’m encouraging anyone reading this to pick a resolution, just one, and get specific. Maybe by writing this post I’ll feel more accountable too.

What are your resolutions and how are you all planning on keeping them? I’ve added a lit of Tiny Habits that can make a big difference. Try picking one and get specific about how you’ll accomplish it. Lets check in on March 1st and see how we’re all doing!


Developing habits are a process not an event!

Thanks for reading.