Back when I was a kid. . .

being a kid on the South Shore was different. We used to play outside and roam around for hours, mostly in a big pack, house to house on our bikes, no helmets, no one with a walkie-talkie checking to see if we got from one place to another.  We played kickball, hide-and-seek,  and board games for hours.  I don’t particularly remember my parents being very involved in what we were playing or doing on a day-to-day basis, and honestly we didn’t care.

Fast forward twenty-five years and here I am still living on the South Shore and raising my own kids in the town I grew up in.  I came back because, quite honestly, I love it here and it just feels like home. Half way between Boston and the Cape, it still has that small town feel.  What has changed so much from when I was a kid though, is how kids are raised.  I try not to be a helicopter parent and my kids do get some space to travel around with the neighborhood kids (as long as they have their walkie-talkie) but lets face it, everything is so scheduled that there aren’t many kids around just to play anymore. I’m not here to say it’s right or wrong, it is what it is.  My kids have way more planned sports and events than I ever had, but that’s just they way things are now.  I think parents just want to be more involved and make sure their kids are involved.

I find myself constantly looking for new things to do with my kids.  My goal is for my kids to really know the area they live in and experience as many things as they can. I love the South Shore and New England in general. It is full of amazing places to explore with any age group.  Just when I think I have done everything there is to do with my kids, they grow up and that opens up a whole new set of activities for us to do.

One of the main reasons why I love this area are the seasons, and with the change of the weather comes the different activities and events in each one.  My family and I look forward to the dog days of summer spent on Duxbury Beach, cruising around Plymouth bay in our boat, camping in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and adventures on Cape Cod.  Fall brings back routine, and sports, sports, and more sports!! Playing sports and watching them.  I mean who doesn’t love the Patriots. There’s apple picking, fall festivals, and cool nights around the fire pit.  Winter is dreaded by so many people, but honestly Christmas in New England is magical.  The lights, the snow, catching a show at the local  theater,  and most importantly, in my family, the start of ski season.  Then,  just when we’ve had enough of the cold, spring brings new life to our home and it’s time to plant the garden and clean out the cob webs. It’s time to dust off the bikes and sports equipment once again and get outside.

I hope with this blog I’ll be able to share with you the adventures I have with my kids, my family, and friends.  This blog is about discovering all that the South Shore and New England have to offer, about where to go and what to do.  I’m hoping not only to share with you some great ideas but also to get some great ideas in return. I can’t wait to go back to our favorite spots every year but I’m also looking forward to learning and experiencing something new and I hope you all can help with that. So where should our first adventure take us?  Is there a place that you love to travel to every year, a restaurant that you recommend? Where do you and your family go when spring arrives around the South Shore or New England?  What’s on your bucket list this year?


My family and I on one of our adventures over February vacation.  The little town of Lake Fairlee, VT.